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Join us when we open Grøften in tivoli

It has always been very special for to us to celebrate the opening of Tivoli and Grøften.

Join us at the pre-premiere on Marts the 29th

The day before Tivoli officially opens, we celebrate this with a pre-premiere at 12 o'clock, where we will enjoy great food and good company.

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From 30th of marts - 24th of September

Summer in Grøften

Taste some of our danish courses fill with love and traditions, Among others we recommend our Prawn pcocktail, our delicious meatballs and amazing open sandwiches.

From 12th of Oktober - 5th of November


On the 13th of Oktober you can experience our Octoberparty, with beer, Music and a lot of German Specialities.
Something really special is our dinner in the dark on the 31st of Oktober where we celebrate Halloween.

From 19th of November - 31st of December

Christmas in Grøften

Would you like to celebrate Christmas with us in Grøften with Traditional danish Christmasfood, then remember to book a table since this is a busy time of year.

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See our tips on how to cook a duck - Video in Danish
Join us in Grøften

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2 of our favorites
We recommend

For many, a visit to Grøften is associated with traditions and many of our guests have their very own favorites and order the same thing every time.
Her er 2 af gæsternes farvoriter som vi godt vil anbefale, husk at bestille bord, så du er helt sikker på i kan få plads.

It all started here

Theater Cafe

Grøftens original premises called Teater Cafe, opened in 1874 at the same time as the Pantomime Theatre. Due to the location in a small depression/ditch, the Café quickly gained the more popular nickname "Grøften" meaning the Ditch. Dive into our history.

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Delight your loved ones or your employees with a gift card for a fantastic dining experience in Grøften.

Our menus


Our menus follow the seasons and we regularly change the menu, but of course we stick to some of our classics so no one goes home disappointed.

Well stocked

Wine & Drinking menu

We have a large selection of different wines, spirits, beer and soft drinks. Under menus you will find the various drink cards.

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This is where it all happens
Here you will find some of our events. Remember to book a table well in advance.

You can read more about the individual events under News by clicking here...

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