29th of March


In the days before Tivolig's actual opening day, we hold a pre-premiere.
We meet at the gate and go as a group to Grøften, where we have a pleasant day together with good food and drink in high spirits.

30th of March

Light party

Enjoy a fantastic lunch in the ditch, We open the gate at 12:00 and go together to Grøften.

Tivoli opens at 17 so you can go for a walk in the park afterwards and if you want you can experience the light festival later in the evening.

31st of March

Tivoli opens

Tivoli opens at 11:00 and Grøften opens at 12:00 We unfortunately have to announce that this day is sold out so it is not possible to book a table that day.

But how about booking a table for another evening.

24th of September

Closing party

Tivoli and Grøften close the season with full music and a party like no other. Come down and enjoy a lot of delicious dishes. We are open all day and expect to close the garden with a bang.

13th of October

October party

Join us at Grøften.
There are plenty of German specialities, beer and lots of festive music. A completely unique day that just has to be experienced.

31st of October

Dinner in the dark

Experience the (un)pleasant atmosphere when the only thing that illuminates Grøften is candlelight. Invite the family, your partner or business associate to an outstanding experience in the dark.

17th of December

Christmas in Grøften

The day we open for Christmas in Grøften. A fantastic time with traditions and fantastic atmosphere. This is also the busiest season of the year, so remember to book a table, especially if there are many of you.

31st of December

New years eve

If you want to spice up New Year's Eve, we start at 18:00 and there are ONLY 230 places, the menu is fixed and prepaid.
At 22:45 we say thank you for this year and at At 11:00 p.m. there is the huge fireworks display in the Garden.